AstroBiology Center (ABC) is a new interdisciplinary research institute for a new research field, "astrobiology" with scientists of astronomy, biology, and Earth and planetary science etc..
We appreciate your supporting our scientific activities in the field “astrobiology” by ABC, our research projects and ABC staffs.

Acceptance procedure


  • We accept donation from a private enterprise and an individual volunteer, etc.
  • Please determine the amount of your donation, more than 5 units (10,000 yen per unit) for a private corporation, and more than 1 unit (1,000 yen per unit) for an individual.
  • Please send an application form (“original document") to ABC by mail after filling in the form.
  • Please do not send the money by mail directly. This procedure is prohibited by law.

Step1 Download a donation application form from the following URL.

Step2 Send the original application form to ABC by mail.

Please fill out the application form (Example: PDF) and send the original document to the following address.

Inter-University Research Institute Corporation
National Institutes of Natural Sciences,
Astrobiology center,
Department in charge of donation
Address: 2-21-1 Osawa, Mitaka City, Tokyo 181-8588, Japan

Step3 Transfer the money to a bank account of ABC

Donation requests (bank account etc.) will be sent from ABC by mail once your application is accepted.
Then, please transfer the money (not including bank transfer fee) to a bank account of ABC following the donation request from financial institutions.
# The bank transfer fee is paid by National Institutes of Natural Sciences, NINS.

【Requirements of donation】

  • You are not allowed to transfer any property obtained with your supports without any compensation.
  • You are not allowed to receive or use any intellectual property rights invented by scientific researches using the money from your donation.
  • You cannot check the use of the money and cancel a part / all of donation after submitting the application form to ABC.
  • Others (requirements from the director of ABC, in particular, for educational reasons)


Department in charge of donation
Email: abc-kifu[at mark]
# Please change [at mark] to @ before sending e-mail.