In the Spirit of Lyot 2019

In the Spirit of Lyot 2019
October 21 - 25, 2019 in Tokyo

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Astronomical high contrast imaging was founded with Bernard Lyot's invention of the solar coronagraph in 1931. Since then his method has been applied to circumstellar imaging and has been improved on in many ways. It remains the primary path to direct detection of Earth-like planets orbiting Sun-like stars, while simultaneously realizing exciting science along the way. The 2019 "Spirit of Lyot" conference will be the fourth in the series (previous Lyot conferences: Lyot 2007, Lyot 2010, and Lyot 2015), bringing together the fields of exoplanets, circumstellar disks, high contrast instrumentation & data analysis, and planning for future high contrast imaging facilities on the ground and in space. Meeting this time in Tokyo, the international research community can find new ways to work together toward our ambitious goal of direct imaging characterization of extrasolar planetary systems.


SOC members (* Chair)

Motohide Tamura* Astrobiology Center/University of Tokyo
Beth Biller University of Edinburgh
Anthony Boccaletti LESIA/Paris Observatory
Misato Fukagawa ALMA-Japan
Paul Kalas UC Berkeley
Matthew Kenworthy Leiden University
Anne-Marie Lagrange IPAG
Nikole Lewis Cornell
Bruce Macintosh Stanford
Christian Marois NRC-Herzberg
Karl Stapelfeldt JPL/NASA

LOC members (* Chair)

Masayuki Kuzuhara* Astrobiology Center/NAOJ
Mihoko Konishi* Oita University
Nobuhiko Kusakabe Astrobiology Center/NAOJ
Masashi Omiya Astrobiology Center/NAOJ
Yi Yang University of Tokyo
Yu Komatsu Astrobiology Center/NAOJ